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The catalog posted on the website to familiarize themselves with the range of the store.
The catalogue includes not all products available in stock.
The exact cost and product availability please call.

About the store

Russian valenki sheep wool are in great demand nowadays, especially with the onset of cold weather to use or buy as a gift. And if the youth buys them, following the fashion trends, older people prefer boots because of their exceptional convenience and beneficial effects on the body. These boots are made from pure sheep wool. And as you know, wear clothes and shoes made from natural materials are much healthier than synthetics. In our store you can buy boots, vests and other products from sheep wool.

Our products are made to "Gatchina PROMKOMBINAT", which is a manufacturer of a wide range of nonwovens including needlepunched felt, pure wool.

Production capabilities allow us to meet any demand from our existing and potential customers.

"Gatchinskiy PROMKOMBINAT" produces: 

needle punched felt made from various combinations of wool and synthetic fibers, with the possibility of heat-setting;
felt grey, white, Merino;
felt duplicated, including multi-layer (synthetic fabric, tapestry, foil, combining canvases of different density with a total thickness of 10 cm).
Also felt "the Gatchina PROMKOMBINAT" is used in Shoe and furniture industries, for heat and sound insulation in construction.

Our shop realizing products "Gatchina PROMKOMBINAT" as well as products from other manufacturers. In our store you will find not only the boots, and vests, men's and women's genuine leather shoes, rubber boots.

Please note the website presents the exhibition samples, which may not be available. Prices on the website may vary from actual.

Check availability and price of any product by telephone: 8(812)642-48-85
or in stores at: 

  • Kostroma, Myasnitskaya str., 6
  • Saint-Petersburg,  Логотип Black river metro Torzhkovskaya str., 20

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